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    RE: Visual Studio C++ .Net

    HOW TO USE .NET with Symbian SDK
    I use the VC .NET in my EPOC development. Our company doesn't have lic. with old VC 6.0.
    How to resolve all problems with using VC 7.0 project engine?
    Create from mmp --> dsw project by makmake.
    Convert to the Visual C++ 7.0 project format.
    Open Project properties and do two settings

    Code Generation
    Minimize CRT in USE ---> YES
    Enable C++ Exceptions ---> NO
    Buffer Security Check ---> NO
    Command Line
    Additional Options

    Then compile and enjoy VC .NET IDE

    Then I create with C# .mmp - > VC .NET .vcproj wizard for convert and
    use it for direct generation project.


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    Visual Studio C++ .Net


    Can I use Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS (for the Nokia 7650 and the Nokia 3650) with Visual Studio C++ .Net instead of VC++ 6.0?

    Thanks for advice.


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    RE: Visual Studio C++ .Net

    It seems obvious that there is a need to compile under VC++.Net. This is an response I have posted to the same question elsewhere:

    I'm trying to compile the Hello World example in the Series 60 SDK using Visual C++.net. On loading HELLOWORLD.DSW into Visual Studio, I got a message saying The project HELLOWORLD.dsp needs to be converted to the Visual C++ 7.0 project format. I clicked on Yes. Everything looked good. WhenI built the project, the compile worked fine, but the linking failed with unresolved external symbol for:
    and also got an error: cannot open input file "C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\BUILD\SYMBIAN\6.1\SERIES60\EPOC32EX\HELLOWORLD\HELLOWORLD\WINS\UDEB\HELLOWORLD.exp"

    Please can someone let me know how to get the link to work. I'm on a very steep learning curve, and to get the HelloWorld example working and to play around will help no end.

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    RE: Visual Studio C++ .Net

    It seems that it's possible. However, there are couple of things you have to do. See discussion thread "Compiling Hello World" in General Symbian Platform Development. (Quick hint: To get around link errors you have to disable C++ Exceptions from Project -> Properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation)

    Hope this helps

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