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    Angry Emulator doesn't launch application

    My problem is strgange:my emulator doesn't set an icon for a new application that i compiled and tried to run properly!!!
    ther's no error,but no icon to launch my application show up..
    it happened for some application ,and for others it works normally.

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    Re: Emulator doesn't launch application

    Which is the sdk that you Use.is it for 2nd edition of for 3rd? Could you paste you mmp out here.Have you mentioned the AIF parameter in the mmp file?


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    Re: Emulator doesn't launch application

    For 3rd edition, you have to create a registration resource file and it must be copied in \private\10003a3f\apps -directory of the device (or emulator).

    Here's bldmake/abld-specific directions:
    For emulator it is enough to specify the copying in the .mmp-file:
    START RESOURCE  myapp_reg.rss
    TARGETPATH	\private\10003a3f\apps
    and minimal reg resource file (myapp_reg.rss) would be something like:
    #include <appinfo.rh>
    UID2 KUidAppRegistrationResourceFile
    UID3 0xDEADBEEF // Your app's UID3 here
    	app_file = "MyAppName";
    If you create a .sis-file, the copying must be specified also in the .pkg-file.

    BTW. It seems that there's no proper introductory tutorial for basics (build process, running etc) for 3rd edition.

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