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    how to check whether a handset has a camera or not


    plz tell me how to check whether a particular handset has a camera or not..

    i am check the system property "supports.video.capture".. however this doesnt seen to work on emulators..(not tried on actual devices)..

    it gives me false for all types of devices, whether it be S40, S60, S80.. (when i do Manager.createPlayer("video://caputure") for S60 simulator it does start the camera..)

    plz lemme know if i am checking the correct property or is there some other way of checking the same..


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    Re: how to check whether a handset has a camera or not

    That is the correct property to check.
    Also Manager.createPlayer() throws MediaException if a Player cannot be created for the given locator.


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    Re: how to check whether a handset has a camera or not

    Hartti's suggestion is good, and here goes another one: check "video.snapshot.encodings" property. If it returns null, no picture-taking is support, so even if the device has a camera, it's not available to J2ME apps.

    If it does return some formats, check "supports.video.capture" to see if the implementation let's you capture videos too, not only snapshots.


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