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    Smile ASD Exam Preparation

    Hi Guys

    In this days i prepare for Accredited Symbian Developer Exam , i bought the exam book and it's a good Book , but my question is there any exam sample for this exam . when i searched on internet i found on Sample Exam contains 40 Q .
    i want sample exam and if any body can write his experince in this exam ,

    Thanks For All

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    Re: ASD Exam Preparation

    The sample questions that accompany the ASD Primer are on the Meme Education site (http://meme-education.com/). You're right, in that they don't consitute a full exam, but they are very closely related to the questions you'd be presented with, and cover the range from easy to hard for each of the curriculum topics. You'd be well advised to try them (you can mark them yourself). Don't worry that there aren't quite as many questions - they should be testing enough!

    You can take a practice exam through Majinate (see http://www.majinate.com/asd.shtml for more details). However, this is also shorter than the full ASD test. From the site:

    "The practice exam is a shorter version of the accreditation exam deriving the questions from an equivalent database. The practice exam can be used for interview screening or as a rehearsal for the full accreditation exam: note that this does not lead to accreditation."

    You may also want to read this post http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=99902 for additional discussion of the ASD.

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