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    No SPP on Nokia E Series Phones

    I recently bought a Nokia E61.. It seems to me that there is no SPP implemented on this. I have a BT Device that i need to get it to communicate with nokia but it needs Serial port profile to achieve this. Is there any way round this problem as i would really like to get these to communicate ,

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    Re: No SPP on Nokia E Series Phones

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Bluetooth discussion

    The serial profile btspp exists on Nokia E61.
    Try these examples







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    Mobile phones do not need a SPP. You use DUN instead as it is a SPP. I recommend to every mobile phone manufacturer to remove SPP in their service database for usability reasons (avoids the creation of duplicate, wrong and unnecessary ports on paired computers).

    Of course when you code (MIDP or Symbian) you are able to create a SPP on a mobile phone. Nevertheless, then it is more common to create an unique service based on RFCOMM rather than SPP.

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