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    Developers Library Eclipse Plugin

    Please could someone advise me how to install the Developers Library for Eclipse (shown on the front page of FN). This sounds really useful but there was no readme and I don't know how to 'integrate' this into Eclipse!

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    Re: Developers Library Eclipse Plugin

    There are two (stand-alone & Eclipse plug-in) download this :C++ Developer's Library (Eclipse plug-in) and follow what ever given in the ReleaseNotes.txt.

    The Documentation Update is implemented as an Eclipse plugin.
    It can be viewed using the included Eclipse Viewer (eclipse.exe).
    Unzip the zip file to a local directory and run the eclipse.exe to
    browse the documentation.

    The Documentation update can also be integrated with Carbide.c++ by
    copying the file com.nokia.s60.s60apiref_3_1_2.0.0.jar to the
    Carbide.c++ /plugins directory.

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    Thanks I have solved the problem by renaming Cpp_Developers_Library_1.0.0.jar to com.nokia.s60.s60apiref_3_1_2.0.0.jar and copying this to the Eclipse plugins directory.

    I suspected it was a plugin, but the naming of the file did not appear correct. I could not see any 'ReleaseNotes.txt' in either standalone or Eclipse plugin zip file.

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