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    Externalise TInt64

    My app needs to store some Date/Time values to a file. If I use RFileWriteStream to do :-

    TInt64 MyTInt64 = 0;
    writer << MyTInt64;

    I get a compilation error :-

    Severity Description Resource In Folder Location Creation Time Id
    2 expression syntax error (point of instantiation: 'scWriteMainFileL()') (instantiating: 'operator <<<int>(RWriteStream &, const int &)') (instantiating: 'DoExternalizeL<int>(const int &, RWriteStream &, Externalize::Member)') sc21 line 290 04 April 2007 11:04:02 947

    The line number is not related to the source file line, and it took a lot of guesswork to find out that it is only writing a TInt64 that gives a problem, not a TBuf or TInt.

    The Carbide help system says :-

    "Implementation for standard types and classes
    The Store framework provides the necessary implementation for the operators to externalise and internalise the following:

    The basic types: TInt8, TInt16, TInt32, TInt64, TUint8, TUint16, TUint32, TReal32 and TReal64.
    The graphics API classes: TPoint, TSize and TRect.
    The UID Manipulation API class: TUid.
    The Dynamic Buffers API classes: CBufFlat and CBufSeg."

    So I think that my code SHOULD work. Please tell me if I am wrong...

    How should I progress this problem? My C++ knowledge is poor, I am still in the 'struggle stage', some help would be appreciated.


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    Unhappy Re: Externalise TInt64

    Sorry about that, I WAS wrong, I had put a TInt into my struct that I was trying to write away, and of course that doesn't work with operator <<.



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