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Thread: 6288 + GPS

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    6288 + GPS

    hello every1,

    I just like to know if my nokia 6288 is GPS compatible. Ive check the nokia website and it says with the GPS MODULE LD-3W it will work. But im not sure of what software to use TomTom or Navman or something else?.. Can someone please help me out in confirming that the 6288 can be turned into a GPS when needed. And if it work how efficent is it?

    Also be nice if someone has tried it with a nokia 6288 and express there thoughts. Thank you for your time and help.

    Im new to this forums if this has been answered before please send be a link.

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    Re: 6288 + GPS

    The 6288 needs a MIDP Java (J2ME, Java 2 Micro Edition) based navigation app. Look into these:

    TomTom will not work on the 6288, as far as I know.

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