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Thread: E61 Humidity

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    E61 Humidity

    Hi all

    Some weeks ago i picked up my 2 month's old E61 phone and it reported a problem and then restarted. Upon restarting reported "Phone Startup Failure - Contact the retailer"

    Nokia's service says that the phone is not repairable because it has an unknown substance inside. After requiring second analysis they confirmed it.

    They say it's humidity, they don't explain how it could have gotten in there.
    That's an easy way out for nokia - there's no way i can prove it was a malfunction.

    The phone is dead - after nokia's intervention it no longer even displays the "phone startup failure..." message and the backlight does not turn on.

    I would like to know if anyone else had this problem.

    Thanks and best regards...

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    Re: E61 Humidity

    Hi mteixeira,

    Please note the these boards are concentrating on developer issues and your issue is more end-user issue. Better place to submit these kinds of queries is for example http://discussions.europe.nokia.com

    best regards,
    Hartti Suomela
    Forum Nokia

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    Re: E61 Humidity


    will do

    thanks and best regards
    Manuel Teixeira

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