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    Exclamation Nokia 6260 Problems!!

    Hi ...I'm new here!! And that's why i'm scared if this questions were asked before on the site...SO..
    Can anyone tell me where can i find Original Nokia 6260 cases...the real question is Are they still making those kind of cases or they are on the list of "Rare Cases"?? I really need one...and in my country(Romania) i can't find nothing about 6260
    Problem No.2 What happend with my LED ...it doesn't flash!! What can i do??is there something to be done without the help of a service??

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    Re: Nokia 6260 Problems!!

    Hi ciprianxl,

    Please note that your queries are better served at end-user discussions boards, for example at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    These boards are concentrating on developer issues and the Nokia people reading these boards are not familiar with end-user support.

    Also you might want visit the Nokia service center closest to you


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