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    Nokia n95 dose it cost money to use sat nav?

    Hi i recently bought a nokia n95 with sat nav pre installed on to it. i was wondeing dose it cost money to use the sat nav?

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    Re: Nokia n95 dose it cost money to use sat nav?

    Using the GPS and the maps does not cost you anything directly. Downloading maps through the mobile network will cost you as per your network operator's data rates. Over WLAN it doesn't.

    You can also use the Nokia MapLoader from http://www.smart2go.com to download maps to your PC and then to your phone.

    What costs money is additional services like navigation guidance and the city guides. See "Extra Services" in the "Maps" app.

    There's, by the way, no need to post the same question multple times. Once is quite enough.

    Note also that this site is for application developers. For user and usage discussions there're different discussion boards:

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