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    Question N95 GPS data in jpeg EXIF data?


    I was told by someone at Nokia a few months ago that the N95 would insert GPS data in the EXIF data of photos.

    Has anyone been able to do this yet?

    I just got a GPS lock on my N95 and then took a photo. The EXIF data does not appear to have any such info.

    I had mentioned to them at the time that it would be a good idea to make it optional, for privacy reasons, also it's not always practical - considering how hard it is to get a lock in some places.

    I have yet to find any more info or menu options/applications to enable this.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: N95 GPS data in jpeg EXIF data?

    The N95 has to my knowledge no built-in feature to save GPS location data to photos it takes.

    Mabe there were intentions to do so, and still might be, or the person you talked to didn't really know, but the device surely doesn't do it now.

    You, or anyone, could of course write such an app, if they wanted to.

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    Re: N95 GPS data in jpeg EXIF data?

    It was the head of bizdev for Nokia S60 browser team.
    Also had one the S60 product managers there too - at Nokia in Burlington MA.

    I had asked if there would be a way to pull in the last location data and populate a web form (or Javascript var somehow) to be able to 'GeoBlog' /cast etc.

    That's when they said the EXIF data would have it. We talked about privacy issues and the fact the photo data embedding should be optional.

    I hope we get some proper info on this - or an update. THIS is what people want to do with their mobile content these days - Annotate their lives 'automagically' on maps etc

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