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    Self Signed Certificate

    Hi There,

    I'm testing apps on a variety of Nokia S60 2nd & 3rd edition devices and I'm running into a lot of security prompting.

    I'd like to be able to generate a certificate and install it on the devices, and then sign my apps with that certificate so while testing I can emulate the effect of having a signed midlet (ie trusted, less prompting, etc).

    Can someone tell me how to do this? Does one of the Nokia SDKs allow me to do this?


    p.s. I've searched the forums and there seems to be bits and pieces on how to do this, but they're not consistent on their methods. Thanks again

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    Re: Self Signed Certificate

    In general this is not possible. You cannot install your own certificate on the phone and use it to sign Java MIDlets. However on S60 2nd Edition phones this is possible and I remember someone (browndrf?) posting a link to detailed instructions. You should be able to find it using the forum search

    You can also manually change the settings for the so you get a little less prompting. Check the suite settings in Application Manager


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    Re: Self Signed Certificate

    Just to add what Hartti suggested and in case you could not find in your search, here is a link on a previous discussion on Signing on S60 2nd edition phones. http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...hlight=signing


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