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    Problem With .gif in carbide .ui

    I asked a question yestrday and no one answer me, what kind of forum is it, that doesn't help other pepole.
    I need Help!~!

    My Question WAS and still IS:

    I've download the carbide from nokia to make my own theme, and when i tried to choose extension .gif in the screensaver file, i couldn't choose it.
    I mean i can't choose .gif in screensaver adding.
    I don't know what is the problem, if it's corrupted installing or i need to download some plug-in for the program.

    Please Help Me.


    p.s: I have Nokia N73 and I've downloaded the carbide for symbian.

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    Re: Problem With .gif in carbide .ui

    Did you use the latest version of the Carbide UI (3.1.1)?
    Anyway, the N73 doesn't support animated screensavers that come with a Carbide UI-made theme. (I'm not sure if N73 supports animated screensavers at all).

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    Re: Problem With .gif in carbide .ui

    Thank you for your responde.

    But acoording to nokia explain movie on the program http://forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia..._0_en.exe.html
    you can add animated screensaver that made from 3 programs, and one of them generate "gif" extension's.
    My problem is not that the N73 doesn't suport animated screensaver my problem is that I saw in the movie that you can add gif and they showing that in the movie, but when I installed the program and tried to add "a file" with .gif it didn't let even choose gif's files, it's like the program has a plugin download or bad install or some kind of setting that i don't know about it.

    People Please Help ME.

    thank you

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    Re: Problem With .gif in carbide .ui

    The movie talks about symbian S60 phones that has Feature Pack 1 installed (=S60 v3.1). N73 has no Feature Pack 1 installed (=S60 v3.0) so the movie doesn't apply to the N73.

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