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    Help with matches

    I can't get match mode to work.
    I try 1 player with randomStart.
    The other player, already in the lobby, sees that player join the lobby. The second payer then calls the the gameStart command. But both player time out.

    What am I doing wrong??

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    Re: Help with matches

    Hello Loony,

    you should remember that your players need to be inside the same lobby when you do any game start and when the players to be in the same match. Also you should remember that if you have a join lobby you should not do randomStart() in that lobby.

    You should call randomStart() with both users and not just the other one. This way both users will be waiting to be randomly paired to start a game.

    - Heidi
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    Re: Help with matches

    To start a random match, you do not need to be in a lobby. In fact, for randomStart(), neither player should be in the lobby before they call randomStart().

    However, if using the join gameStart matchmaking, it will not work if players are in different lobbies.

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