Neomades is a software publisher for mobile phone applications developers, editors and distributors. We developed a technology (its name is NeoMAD) which guarantee to a Java applications developer, independence and portability of its application on all phones of the European and US market; we currently support about 600 telephones MIDP1, MIDP2 or Doja.

The NeoMAD Technology has been created in order to solve our own game developer’s needs (we are no more a studio now); this is a framework and a methodology created to address portability on mobile phones:
- to get “code uniqueness” and mobile phones portability on the whole of the market mobile phones maximizing the capacities of each one of them (MIDP1, MIDP2, DOJA currently – see joined supported phones list),
- to provide tools for development teams organization,
- to merge all simulation tools from target mobile platforms providers,
- to improve development productivity,
- to provide automatic production process tools for runtimes,
- to offer solutions for real tests on the mobiles for Europe and the US.

We are acting at the source code level where our competitor is acting at the byte code level. This difference has 2 major impacts for projects:
- the development guidelines and constraints are easier to reach,
- the development/production/maintenance cycle is speeded up and easier to control as “end of projects” bugs fixes or modifications are possible to introduce very late in the process.

Our offer is available in a very flexible way either on a licence mode or on a service mode (modification, porting, generation, tests) or any mix of these solutions.

Our solution and services have been chosen by companies like InFusio, Lagardere, ATARI, Vivendi, MIG… to address games portability and the tests needs for several titles (Asterix, Age Of Empires, Arthur & Minimoys, Midtown Madness, StarAc, It' S Mister Pants, Tour of France…).

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