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    phone turns off when in call

    I have a 8210, which is quite old (im using it as a back up as my other phone died and i dont have the money to get a new one yet).

    I've just fixed the keypad which was sticking but the other problem is that when i'm in a call the phone will turn off completely. It seems to be the only time it does it. The battery still lasts a couple of days if its not being used , and it will still turn off when it has a full charge.

    Anyone know what the problem could be?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Smile Re: phone turns off when in call

    Hello Sophie,

    Welcome to the Nokia Forum !!!

    Sorry to say you that this discussion board is for developers support only.
    You may not get answers for such an end user product problems here.

    However you can try on:

    All the best.

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