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    problem regarding creating the sis file???

    i m using carbide c++v1.0 fp2.i downloaded a code(which included.pkg,.sis and other files containing the codes). i modified this particular code so as to create an application of my own.i want to implement thisand i know that .sis file of this modified code is needed.how do i get the .sis file.
    i tried the normal procedure but sis file is not getting created,wher does it get stored when in it is created?..plz clarify me...

    - shiva

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    Re: problem regarding creating the sis file???

    Please do not repost the same Problem


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    Exclamation Re: problem regarding creating the sis file???


    Unless and until you do not provide complete information, nobody can help you. You would be asked for same sort of questions if you post it again with same problem. So better stick with your ongoing thread for same problem.

    Provide required complete information:


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