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    Problem... When "Menage.createPlayer(url)"...

    Hello, every one.

    When "Menage.createPlayer(url)" is excuted, if the url starts with "file:" or "http:" user confirm popup window is opened. Can you tell me the way not to open the popup window during the excution?

    Thank you~!

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    Re: Problem... When "Menage.createPlayer(url)"...

    Those confirmations are there because of MIDP security domain policy. You need to sign your MIDlet to trusted 3rd party domain, and then after installation you need to change the settings for "read user data" and "networking" to always allowed. Those settings are not available for unsigned (=untrusted) MIDlets.


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    Re: Problem... When "Menage.createPlayer(url)"...

    Thank you for your reply. :-)

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