Even though we have a very good developer discussion forum here, I think we
need to do a little more to be the best.I thought we can make it to the top
just by organizing our posts well.

Some suggestions are:

1.A thread starter or admin should mark the thread with appropriate tag
based on whether the purpose of the thread is fullfilled or not.("Suitable Solution Found" etc..)

2.Since, we have got differents SDK versions, different editions and many
variable factors, one who asks the query should give those info(if his/her
query is dependent on the factors).
So, I think we should come up with a format for this.

3.To ensure the quality of search is good, thread titles should be meaningful
enough which a thread creator should take care of.Of course, many of the
users are well aware of this, but I still think that we(especially, new users)
need to improve on this.

I was thinking that,organizing a solution/posts well at the the user level, can
increase the quality of the discussion forum.

Thank You,