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    Thumbs down Compare J2ME with other developing environment for mobile Devices

    Hello Everyone,

    I knew some knowledges about J2ME. However, someone asked me, why you are using J2ME rather than others such as Symbian C++ and BREW....
    I even could not answer it very well. Can anyone give me some ideals or books, papers to read them. I tried to find some, but no many official answers. Thanks


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    Re: Compare J2ME with other developing environment for mobile Devices


    J2ME is Java. Limitated, restricted, but still Java. There are plenty of packages and libraries, which you're able to utilize in games, multimedia or presense applications, etc. But it's all is depending on mobile virtual machine which will run your J2ME code and in some cases your mobile Java applications will require much more performance than J2ME environment may give. In some cases you'll need to access features of the mobile operating system or even mobile hardware, this is the place for Symbian (as well as for Windows CE, PalmOS or mobile Linux).

    By writing applications in Symbian C++, you'll get the access to Symbian OS features, functions, libs, etc. But developing in Symbian C++ isn't a trivial task (speaking of beginners), because Symbian OS is a complicated object-oriented environment, which requires time to learn. Symbian OS will do its work on smartphones (not virtually across all the J2ME enabled mobile phones), and will enable developers with far more richer features than on J2ME platforms (let's say, for the current moment), but as an add for richer functionality, the developments and debugging times are much longer.

    BREW is about C and C++ on a mobile phone, but it was solely developed by the Qualcomm for CDMA handsets (USA markets), and is slowly migrating to other handsets, so now it's more like a private and closed technology, instead of J2ME and Symbian OS. This technology is rather popular on USA markets, and it's advantages and limitations are quite close to Symbian, altrough development costs are much higher (because of Qualcomm's signaturing politics).

    IMHO for developers only the time of implementing software and amount of features avalable on a platform may be the critic points, so in this case J2ME may provide developers with the fastest development times and costs, but sometimes with more restricted functionalities. Symbian C++ and BREW may give more freedom to access features and mobile hardware, but developments may take more time and money. As an option, for Symbian OS you are able to use Open C libraries and code, but this will not reduce a need for Symbian C++ code in mobile applications.
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