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    Creating and installing SIS file...

    hi all,
    for the past 2-3 days i was trying to make a sis file and then install it in N73 all things in the debug mode were correct but in GCCE release mode things were not working..but now things are working and i just wanted to share the info with all of u...
    I am using Carbide express 1.1 and its dam cool..its slow..but quite handy IDE to work on symbian.

    Problem i faced :-
    1) my project has both C and CPP file.
    2) to create signed SIS file...
    3) security fundas with Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition

    How to solve these things...
    1) i found a thread in this forum not remembering the path just discribing the steps how to solve it...
    a) in GCCE release build go to Project preference and then to c/c++ build tab...then select the GCCE compilet options... replace arm-none-symbianelf-g++.exe with arm-none-symbianelf-gcc.exe
    and then in general option add "-x none" to the Additional Command line options edit box..thats it...

    2) to make signed sis file pls refer to the following link :-
    now when u are able to generate the CER and KEY file go to the Project Preference in Carbide and then to createSIS tab and add the CER and KEY file to the it...with the help of browse button
    After this step u will be able to generate a signed sis file....

    3) Even after generating a signed SIS file..some time "File Corrupt" error is there and installation fails..
    to solve this one has to make changes to the PKG file....
    do remember the following things...
    a) in PKG file " [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S60ProductID"} " this shld be the statement....
    b) in the previous versions of symbain one used to specify folder name in the "sys\bin" path to install the app but in Series 60 3rd edition this is not possible and "File Corrupt" message will be flashed
    To solve this pls do not specify and folder name in the "sys\bin" and "\Resource\Apps" .

    thats it my friends...if one follows all the steps dis cribbed above...things should work properly...HAPPY PROGRAMMING


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    Re: Creating and installing SIS file...

    Hi Himanshu;

    Welcome to Forum Nokia and thank you for sharing your findings here, hopefully this will help other in solving their problems.

    Best regards,

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