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    Question Working on Carbide.Vs

    [FONT="Century Gothic"]I am trying to work on carbide.Vs making an application wit that one can use his/her mobile as a universal Infrared remote Control.For that i need code examples and tutorials to work on carbide.:(
    If any one has some help for me please do contact me.
    Wating for your responce

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    Re: Working on Carbide.Vs

    Carbide.vs is for C++ development using MS Visual Studio 2003 & you're asking on a Java forum. For Java, the tool is Carbide.j (and there's also Carbide.c++ as the Eclipse based IDE for C++ development).

    While you can find examples and tutorials on how to work with various versions of Carbide and with either the Symbian or Java APIs/classes, I don't think you'll find any specific examples about accessing the infrared hardware in order to make an universal IR controller. It probably is not even possible from Java, and also Psiloc who made such a native/C++ app for older S60/Symbian based devices (S60 1st Edition, S60 2nd Edition), haven't either been willing or able to make an S60 3rd Edition version.

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