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    Application is closed when a key is pressed or screen saver is running

    I am having a strange problem with my application. I have an application that has 2 sockets running that write and read data from and to the server and both are using UDP. After a few times of writing n reading, if I press a key or the screen saver is running, the application will shut down. Looking at the last few lines of file log, it shows that the receiveFrom is called and however no response from server yet, and HandlekeyeventL is called from UI too. Does anyone have this kind of problem before, is it because of memory problem? Currently I am connecting to 2 individual socket servers in one application and will this cause any problem? Thanks!

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    Re: Application is closed when a key is pressed or screen saver is running

    Did you checked if your problem is really connected with networking?
    Did you try to disable whole sending/receiving network data (even disable creation of sockets) and try if your application crashes?

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