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Thread: 1255 CDMA

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    1255 CDMA

    I have a 1255 CDMA in which the battery drains out within a day , whether it is in use or not . The ring tones are hardly audible .I am unable to edit the banner to the default "515" remains . Are all these inherent problems in 1255 which is dumped in India .I feel it is a very low quality product by NOKIA

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    Re: 1255 CDMA

    The stand-by time for the product is multiple days
    Either your you have a bad (or old) battery or then there is some issue with the device. Please contact your nearest Nokia Service point

    Also note that these boards are concentrating on developer issues and forums for end-user related issues can be found for example here
    http://discussions.europ.nokia.com (although in your case I would probably start from here http://www.nokia.co.in/nokia/0,,45383,00.html)

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