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    Smile Is animate-theme supported on Nokia E50 ?

    I made some animate effect by Carbide.ui.Theme.Studio.3.1.
    Those effect can be previewed in Carbide.ui, I saved them and generated the installation file(.sis) with Carbide.ui.
    But after installing them into Nokia E50, only the first frame can be displayed on E50, no animate effect at all.

    Is it my operation fault, or E50 not support animate-theme ?
    Any response will be appreciated.

    Best regards

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    Re: Is animate-theme supported on Nokia E50 ?

    I don't think S60 3rd Edition devices (like the E60) support animation. S60 3rd Ed. Feature Pack 1 devices has some new support (animated icons, Flash Lite screensaver, at least).

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