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    Internal Mifare card 6131


    I tried to read/write the internal mifare card of a 6131 with external softwares & readers.
    Nokia told me the keys A & B are FFFFFFFFFFFF on my phone.

    • With MifareWnd from Philips Semiconductors, it says "No Card in RF field" when we touch the Pegoda with the phone.
    • With a NFC SD Card on a Pocket PC which has a standard application installed to read/write MIFARE, it finds the card but can't print the UID.
    • With another application and another reader, it detects a MIFARE 4K card but we can't read/write the data blocks even if we set key A & B.

    All three softwares are working with Nokia 3220 and standard MIFARE UL/1K/4K Cards. Is there something special we have to know about the internal Mifare card ? Is it a standard 4K card ? What are the access bits ? Do you know if we can set our own keys instead of using default FFFFFFFFFFFF ? Do you have a software to read/write MIFARE cards with a Pegoda ?

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    Re: Internal Mifare card 6131

    Hey tdelazzari,

    As far is I know there not a lot of settings to change
    to get this working.

    With Samsung X700 in combination with Pegoda, it is
    neccesery to put the phone on the corner of the reader.
    (just in the the middle it also keeps saying "No Card in RF field"
    as well..)

    Hope it will start working with this trick !

    Marc van Dam

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    Re: Internal Mifare card 6131

    In fact i had the same problem using 6131 with Omnikey reader CardMan 5321. It seems it happen when readers support both ISO14443 and T=CL protocol. Most of the time the mobile is seen as a T=CL card, not as a Mifare 1k/4k card.

    I also had this problem with the 3220, but Omnikey gave me a patch that fixed the problem. Unfortunately the patch didn't work with the 6131.

    I finally had switch to a pure IS014443 reader, and then no problem.


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    Re: Internal Mifare card 6131

    Is it possible if you could send me the same patch?


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    Re: Internal Mifare card 6131

    If you look at my thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=114385 then I have given a solution (courtesy of Omnikey) for using the 6131 with the 5321 reader.

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