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Thread: help me please

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    help me please

    i have nokia n70 mobile. i have installed a memory card in it. it is working properly coz i have saved songs on it and i can access it as well. but i cant save video and audio in it for more then 60 seconds. please some one tell me about the whole procdure. in writing thanks.

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    Re: help me please

    What do you mean with "cant save". What are you trying to save it with? E.g., the built-in voice recorder app only records up to 1 minute (I guess, principally, to keep the size within allowed MMS message size limits), but you can get some other voice recorder apps (or write your own).

    If you already have your own app/code written that does not work, then post the code (or those parts you have problems with), and explain how the code fails.

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