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    Information about RTP

    I couldn't find any information of RTP in forum nokia, but I do know someone is using a RTP example.
    Could any one give me some lead to find some RTP doc. or example in Symbian? Thanks~!

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    Re: Information about RTP

    Moved back to VoIP board from Media Streaming

    my bad


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    Re: Information about RTP

    S60 3rd ed phones have both the RTP stacks from S60 and Symbian. Key question what is accessible through the SDK:

    S60 RTP support:
    RTP, RTCP, Statistics (receiver & sender)
    APIs are available in S60 3rd ed SDK plug-in:

    Symbian RTP:
    RTP (published all by Symbian, but in the S60 SDK mistakenly), RTCP (only available for Symbian Platinum partners)

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