Hi all,
1, Thread can not call UI related function? is it true?

I have a thread1 created in a CAknView:oActiveL() function,

This thread1 will call function 2 in CAknView.

But, when I want to update the progress bar in function 2,
progressabar_obj->SetDraw(aParam) ; *** line****

Program will exit when step into SetAndDraw(). It seems I can not call the function in thread1 ( if function2 is called in the same thread, no problems).

2. While thread running, Timer of another thread won't trigger?
I changed the way of updating the progress bar. I choose to update it in same thread.
Thread1 now will only call other functions defined in CAknView to update the data related to the progress bar instead updateing the progress bar itself.

Updating the display of progress bar is done in a Timer oriented callback function.

Problems now come up to me, the the call back function won't have any chance to run while the thread is running.

The call back function will only run before thread1 is running or after thread1 is finished.

How can I resolve the problem?

is it a bug of symbian?

I am using SDK 2 fp3.