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    External Readers for Nokia 3220

    Helo, I need to use the secure chip of Nokia 3220.
    I am following the "Secure Chip SDK Programmer's Guide.pdf" and i have no problem (I´m only waiting for the ctivation code of JCOP Tools for Eclipse).

    But I see that i need to buy a external Reader to upload applets. I´m looking for a list of compiliant readers but i cant find it. Only some references in this forum to "OMNIKEY CardMan 5121".

    My questions are:
    is this reader necesary? or can I upload applets to SC using serial cable & Nokia PC Suite?

    If the reader is necesary, are there some reader recommended? or has the reader some prerrequisite? (apart of being cantacless reader)
    EDITED (ugh, i´m sorry!)

    The Nokia NFC & RFID Cover Emulator 2.0 supports the following smart card
    • PC/SC compliant readers, such as Omnikey CardMan 5121
    • Philips MFRD700, also known as Pegoda
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    Re: External Readers for Nokia 3220

    In order to load data into the Smartcard Part (JCOP) of the Nokia 3220 you do need a contactless reader like the OmniKey or Pegoda Reader. The Java Card Applets can not be transfered using a cable or bluetooth onto the mobile device.

    We are using the Pegoda Reader for some time now and it does a good job (works fine with IBM JCOP Tools & Nokia 3220/6131).

    Please http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...play.php?f=144 for more details on NFC

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    Re: External Readers for Nokia 3220

    Moved to NFC discussion board from Java board

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