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    Question I'd like to know if my N80 is European or not

    I bought an N80 from Duabi and it had arabic on it but when I updated it the arabic was lost. I remembera poster asked for my code then he told me it was a european phone and that the Arabic wasn't default. It had been installed.
    Now I got another one and I am thinking of updating it but want to know first if it's also European or not. I don't wanna lose the Arabic language again. So can someone please help me? My code is:
    code: 0535761

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    Re: I'd like to know if my N80 is European or not

    This discussion board is only for Developers support, not for Nokia products or end user application support. There are some localized Nokia product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your question there you may get a response.


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    Re: I'd like to know if my N80 is European or not

    Just to add what Ron Suggested :: You may contact your Nokia care/service center to update your firmware with the desired language pack in it. Also for certain models user installable firmware update option is available.


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