Hi Guys,

i have a very annoying problem with carbide.ui! I created a theme for about 6-8hrs and was nearly ready, when carbide crashed for the first time. Lucky me, as i had saved all my work about every 5 minutes so loss should have been minimal. On opening Carbide and the previous theme it now confronts me with a "org.xml.xas.SAXParseException : Attribute "status" must be declared for element type "element"." message.

Since then it was never ever again possible to either open/import/edit that theme! Problem must reside somewhere in the *.tdf-file if i´m not all wrong, but noone would expect me to edit/check all 671 "elements", would you?

So any solutions at hand? Any help would be very much appreciated - seems i´m not the only one having that problem as i already have 3 users with the same issue on my site, but i cannot find anything helpful on the web. And yes - i DID a major research via searchengines..

If anyone needs the project-files to debug/check, please let me know and i´ll upload them at once!