I've been trying to set the skin colors into the application colors without success.
I ended up mapping individual skin colors using AknsUtils::GetCachedColor however this does not seem like the best solution for this problem, specially when I don't know what exact colors from the skin should be used in each mapped TLogicalColor.

I have skins enabled in my CAknViewAppUi derives class by calling in ContructL the base class method BaseConstructL(EAknEnableSkin);

I also have in the container an instance of CAknsBasicBackgroundControlContext, as well as a overriden methods for controls to use this.

Controls and container backgrounds are being set correctly with skin backgrounds. The only problem is the colors of labels, edit boxes, list boxes etc.

Again, I can set the colors using the AknsUtils::GetCachedColor to get individual skin colors and setting it to the application colors using CEikonEnv::Static()->SetColor, but this does not seem correct.

Am I doing something wrong that is causing the skin colors not to propagate into the eikon environment?

Is there a method/way to set the skin colors directly/correctly into the eikon environment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,