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    Anomilies between 3510 and 7650

    We are having a trouble with reaching a single standard for 3510 polyphonic ringtones and are discovering some interesting anomalies when downloading OTA via WAP. A brief description of our findings follows and if you can assist or shed any light on why these variants occur i would be grateful.

    (1) Nokia 3510 - We have successfully downloaded NP Midis (would be happy to send a sample).
    Other similar Midi's have been tried and while they download and can be saved on the handset they do not play (?).
    Thinking that it was perhaps the file size we resized a midi 31000 and while it downloaded, once again the file would not play.

    To date we have not been able to successfully download any .rmf files to the 3510.
    The following occurs when we try and download using a pin number to access and download: The handset accepts the pin but an error message is received "no response please try again, please wait". Then the PIN is killed.

    (2) Nokia 7650 - Have downloaded both midi and .rmf files.

    Therefore the issue surrounds the content for the 3510. Why one midi would
    download and play, yet others would not; why the .rmf files do not work has stumped us which is why i am contacting you on this occasion.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.


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    RE: Anomilies between 3510 and 7650


    (1) Reason for this is probably that in the highest priority channel in your MIDI file has more than 4 simultaneous notes (MIP > 4). 3510 is capable of playing max. 4 simultaneous notes. 3510 doesn't support RMF files.

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    V / Forum Nokia

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