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    Nokia N95 maps / LBS

    I'm not sure where to place this question..

    Accuiring the position via GPS on the N95 is
    very time and power consuming. Isn't there
    a way to trigger the network to get the position.
    Some Nokia mobile support LBS MT-LR?
    I think using such a technology the other way
    around (get location from network) would make
    a lot of sense for e.g. the Nokia N95 maps application.

    To my information many operators have implemented
    anyway a location trigger to support E112/E911 requirements.
    But how can the info get back to the phone..?

    Thanks for your hints..

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    Re: Nokia N95 maps / LBS

    If you go to the phone settings, there is a setting for which locationing techniques to use (integrated GPS, bluetooth GPS, network).

    However I am not sure how many operators are really providing this information. Last time I checked (late last fall), at least neither of the major US GSM carriers provided that info. I am not aware of the situation in other countries though...


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