I have been using the Minimap (OSS) Browser for about 6 months now and have come across a few problems/annoyances.

1) When you are using the Minimap (OSS) Browser, if you press the back button and timeout reloading the page, the page you see is the one you were on before pressing the back button. But internally the browser thinks you have gone back a page. Pressing the back button again takes you to back another page.

If you timeout going back a page, you really want the browser to show the cached version of the page, if this is not possible, it should show a page with a time out message (with a link to refresh), and not the page you were on before pressing back. It is confusing to the user.

2) There is no option to remember for details. This would be particularly useful for login pages. This also links to a problem where cookies don't seem to be stored properly. Many sites have a "Remember Me" check box on their login forms, but the browser never seems to remember my details or keep me logged in.

3) There is no support of AJAX. I'm sure the developers are working to get this added, as it is a must with web browsing nowadays.

4) If you are using a theme with a dark background, on the URL list (when you type a URL), the text is black and ad to read. It should use the default font colour from the theme.