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    6310i and IrDa connection and PC Suite 4.81 don't work

    Sony Vaio R600 Windows XP Pro SP1.
    External IrDa USB dongle from BAFO B-120.
    My IrDa works perfect with all kind of PC, Palms, and 6210 Nokia phones.
    But with 6310i (not only mine but others) using PC suite 4.81 I'm not able to synchronize or make any transmission.
    When I activate the IR, the phone is recognized by the connection manager, but it disconnect after 20 sec. reconnect automatically, and disconnect again.

    I have reduced the speed to 9600 (instate of 4'000'000) and still make the same.

    So with my new 6310i, I'm not able to connect with my protable Sony.

    ANY solutions ?

    I have been told that NOKIA do not support USB dongles.
    What that ???
    Is that trought ?

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    RE: 6310i and IrDa connection and PC Suite 4.81 don't work

    Complement to the above subject.
    I tried with windows 98 instate of Windows XP Pro.
    It works fine ?? !!!
    But I don't want to switch back to Windows 98.
    So if someone has an idea, I would appreciate.

    I allready installe the virtual COM ir driver on my XP version, but it does not help.


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    if you are using BAFO(SigmaTel) usb-IR then you may try the following

    This is the solution that I found from irda.org newsgroup and I have verified it. thanks to wouter.

    Re: More Nokia 7210 IrDA Issues - 3/10/2003 - wouter
    Message Text:

    go to control panel / wireless link / hardware / properties / advanced, and select Vishay 6101E, trunaround=1 Ms / speed enable=115200. It will work.

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