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    i have used the following code in a file browser, to look for a song through the file directory, and select a file:

    try {
    if (fileName.endsWith(".mp3") || fileName.endsWith(".amr") || fileName.endsWith(".wma"))
    is = null;
    FileConnection fc =
    (FileConnection)Connector.open("file://localhost/" + currDirName + fileName);
    is = fc.openInputStream();

    and the following code to play the selected file:

    private void doPlay() {
    try {
    player = Manager.createPlayer(fileConnection.get_IS(), "audio/amr");
    } catch (IOException x) {

    With this coding, i am getting different outcomes on different phones.

    On Nokia N70, there is 15second wait before the song starts playing.
    On Nokia N91, the song does not play at all.
    On Sony K800i, the song plays immediately.

    I feel this has something to do with the openOutputStream method.
    Can somebody please help me with this.

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    Re: openInputStream

    Probably the reason is in the progressive loading feature which is available on most Sony Ericsson mobile phones, and on some N-series mobile phones from Nokia.

    IMHO the best way to create a player for the multi-platformed J2ME application is by providing Manager with the file URI only. In many cases the mobile platform is able to play files immediatelly and optimize playback speeds only through the URI interface.

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    Re: openInputStream

    i agree with axs
    not to mention "audio/amr" as a content type may not work for all 3 file format u selected across platforms (like nokia had problems audio/x-wav on some phones and used audio/wav)

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