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Thread: VOIP with s40?

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    VOIP with s40?

    I have nokia 6280 and I want to use a SIP or IAX Account with it,
    is there any program for that?

    thank you,

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    Re: VOIP with s40?

    I really want to know this

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    Re: VOIP with s40?

    S40 phones have only JAVA as programming interface. This S40 phone does not even have JSR 180, which would be required to implement a basic SIP support for a e.g. networked SIP/IMS based multiplayer game.

    Real-time audio application like full duplex VoIP require also other enablers: audio control, RTP protocol, access to audio codecs (g711, g729, iLBC), streaming real-time audio recording and playing functions. None is available in this phone. However, you could do a half-duplex solution i.e. record a voice sample and send that to the network.

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    Re: VOIP with s40?

    6300i is the first s40 device supporting voip (sip based) with the build in client.

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