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    Removing a previously installed PA


    I recently faced a problem regarding an non-standalone (PA) symbian signed application. I found that after using V1 of my app, if I try to install V2 "security reasons" prevent it from being installed and I cannot use it. I realized the UID stayed the same across version so that may be a problem.

    So except by having each version of an app bear a specific UID, is there a clean and safe way to instruct the system to either properly remove a PA before a new one is installed ? Or telling the system that this particular PA is actually an upgrade of a previously used one ?

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    Re: Removing a previously installed PA

    Different versions of an app should have the same UID, otherwise they're not considered to be the same app by the installer, ie. it's seen as a new app, and after installing it both the new and the old version will be installed on the system. So those "security reasons" must be caused by something else.
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    Re: Removing a previously installed PA

    also check for diffrent name of the applications.

    If you have changed the application name in package file this may also cause some problems.

    same issue i am facing ?

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