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    Help! New keypad for Nokia 7360 (Amber)

    Can anyone help me, please?!
    I urgently need to get a new genuine Nokia replacement keypad (cream colour) for my Nokia 7360 (Warm Amber - cream, gold and brown model) as my old keypad has had it, as the numbers and letters have literally worn off with use and it now looks absolutely awful. Bit disappointing as this started to happen after only three months of purchase. I did email Nokia about it at the time but never got a response and haven't been able to find anywhere on their website to purchase a replacement.
    Does anyone know how I can obtain one please? I really don't want to end up with a cheap, plastic imitation for our local market.
    Grateful for any help with this!
    Many thanks.

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    Re: Help! New keypad for Nokia 7360 (Amber)

    Try a local Nokia repair center: http://www.nokia.com/repair

    Next time, please, don't post a parts request on a mobile Java developer discussion board, unless you wish to ask a mobile Java application development question.

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