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Thread: Deploy on N91

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    Deploy on N91

    Hi all,

    I have found a problem when deploying an application with SVG images on
    Nokia N91. It is a simple splashscreen which shows a SVG image, and
    after 3 seconds a form. I have compiled and created the jar and jad
    using WTK25, but when I install it on the device the application doesn't
    start. Then I installed Nokia SDK (S60_3rd_MIDP_SDK_FP1) and only works
    with determined SVG files... The case is that on N91 I have not be able
    to run the application of any way.

    Please any help.

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    Re: Deploy on N91

    The N91 is not an S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (also known as S60 3.1) device. The N91 is an S60 3rd Edition without any feature packs (S60 3.0) device. Features in the newer S60 3rd. Ed. FP1 (SDK or actual devices) might not be available (= do not work) on S60 3rd Ed. devices at all.

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    Re: Deploy on N91

    Thank you very much. I have already found that answer. I have also discovered that N91 doesn't support SVG images. N95 is the first device which supports SVG (FP1).

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