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    Argh!! Blank emulator screen!

    I am using Carbide.vs with 3rd Edition FP1. I am running it on Windows XP with perl 5.8.8 and Java 2 SE 1.4.

    If I run the emulator from VS or the start menu it starts, but it just shows a blank screen no matter how long I wait. One time it did start and work, but that seemed random and I have no idea how it happened.

    I have read through every thread I can find on the subject, and as a result I tried changing my EPOCROOT to c:\ and moving the directory there. I also tried disabling my sound card. Neither fixed the issue.

    Does anyone know why my emulator never shows anything? It is driving me nuts.

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    Re: Argh!! Blank emulator screen!

    I have noticed, it takes too long to load and sometimes it does not show anything, i have to restart the emulator, but most of the time after waiting for few mins , its loaded successfully.

    check this links if you get something :

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