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    User help screens in an App

    Hi All,
    I want to create some user help screens for my app, preferably using the UI Design tool in Carbide, to preserve Localisation facilities. Using S60 V2.1 SDK

    The requirement seems simple, to produce a box showing a few hundred characters of fixed data, displayed in normal font, scrollable and not editable. A simple exit/done function with no options is needed for when the user has finished reading.

    Which UI screen function should I use? I think I have tried most of the alternatives but with no success. Labels do not word wrap, and are too small. Text edit screens display inverse video, and the edit function is not required. Query and Dialog boxes are not suitable.

    I am probably missing something basic, but I can't find what I want.
    Could you brighter buttons out there please advise? Or tell me where to find some example code, or a particular book to read.

    I have spent some days wasting time on this problem, please help!

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