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Thread: help me start

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    Unhappy help me start

    hello again,
    i'm really going desperate with the carbide c++ compiler, since i'm used to visual studio where everything smoothly opens, while in this compiler, i can't even open an existing project like "btpointtopoint" because using the function import, it says (can't really understand why though...) that to import a file system i have to already have an opened project in the workspace. This is probably a very stupid question, but until now i'm stuck on templates, and not really familiar with this compiler so would gladly apreciate any kind of help you could give me.

    Thanks a lot for the replys so far,

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    Re: help me start

    You should set the workspace to some other location than the S60Ex folder of the SDK. Preferably to a new and empty folder somewhere (use Switch Workspace... in the File menu).

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    Re: help me start

    did u tried the import mmp file option?
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