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    how to browse web content in J2ME

    i want to make application, which can browse web content like iexplore in my handset.

    so when i type http://www.google.com

    in my phone will show me google web page and i can browsing like i use iexplore.

    did i need additional API and can u show me the tutorial?

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    Re: how to browse web content in J2ME

    You need to use the standard HTTP APIs and then write your own HTML parser/renderer (from scratch or by porting it from somewhere else).

    Or you can just use the existing/built-in browser on virtually all phones on the market today, or a Java based existing browser like Opera Mini.

    There also used to be the ReqWireless WebViewer Java browser, but I think the company was bought up by someone and disappeared a couple of years ago.

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