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    HookLogger Crashes Emulator on Startup

    Hi there,

    Has anybody had any experieince with HookLogger? I have installed it and run the HookUser.pl command:

    C:\_work_S60\MND\GlobalBuilds\NeroMobile>call perl -I"C:\Program files\Common Files\Symbian\Tools" -S HookEUSER.pl WINS
    Target path is C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\/epoc32/release/WINSCW/UDEB
    1 file(s) copied.
    Modified euser.dll to hook EUserParasite_EKA2.dll, original is euser.orig.dll.
    Run HookEUSER with -r to restore

    However, when I go to run the emulator is Panics straight away, here is the call stack:

    Thread [Thread id: 420] (Suspended: Signal 'Halt' received. Description: User halted thread.)
    16 ThreadPanicBreakPoint(const TDesC8 &, int)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\win32\cutils.cpp:158 0x00d5bd28
    15 A::StartCrashDebugger(const TDesC8 &, int)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\win32\cutils.cpp:166 0x00d5be77
    14 Kern::Fault(const char *, int)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\sutils.cpp:685 0x00d8d9ae
    13 Exc::Fault(void *)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\win32\ckernel.cpp:203 0x00d5b012
    12 Exc::Dispatch(void *, NThread *)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\win32\ckernel.cpp:194 0x00d5afa6
    11 NThread__HandleException(TWin32ExcInfo)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\nkern\win32\ncthrd.cpp:271 0x00d5916d
    10 NThread::Exception() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\nkern\win32\ncthrd.cpp:320 0x00d5922c
    9 TTime::HoursFrom(TTime, TTimeIntervalHours &)const() M:\src\cedar\generic\BASE\E32\euser\us_time.cpp:734 0x600356d9
    8 0x10002F9E( EUserParasite_EKA2.dll )() 0x10002f9e
    7 UserHeap::ChunkHeap(RChunk, int, int, int, int, int, unsigned long)() M:\src\cedar\generic\BASE\E32\common\heap.cpp:912 0x6004f41b
    6 UserHeap::CreateThreadHeap(SStdEpocThreadCreateInfo &, RHeap *&, int, int)() M:\src\cedar\generic\BASE\E32\common\heap.cpp:969 0x6004f645
    5 UserHeap::SetupThreadHeap(int, SStdEpocThreadCreateInfo &)() M:\src\cedar\generic\BASE\E32\euser\epoc\up_utl.cpp:177 0x60058a5f
    4 0x6204B4D7( efile.exe )() 0x6204b4d7
    3 DThread::EpocThreadFunction(void *)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\KERNEL\win32\ckernel.cpp:62 0x00d5a9b8
    2 NThread::StartThread(void *)() D:\src\cedar\generic\base\E32\nkern\win32\ncthrd.cpp:164 0x00d58d5d
    1 0x7C80B683( KERNEL32.dll )() 0x7c80b683

    When I run the HookUser command to restore EUser.dll, the emulator works fine. I am attempting this on Symbian 9.1 Series 60 (3rd Ed.).

    Thanks in advance.


    John Ward

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    Re: HookLogger Crashes Emulator on Startup

    You can find number of post discussing the "hook logger", search the forum with the keyword " hooklogger"

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    Re: HookLogger Crashes Emulator on Startup

    I had the same problem. And i solved when i set the Just in Time debugging from the emulator.

    Just open your epoc.ini in Epoc32\Data, find the line JustInTime and set it to nome. exemple:

    JustInTime nome

    Also, this thread was very useful:


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