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    Signing compund sis file(with embedded sis files)


    I have

    a/ Server + R client side dll
    b/ Two clients, which use the server
    c/ server configuration file (is it the passive content?)

    Customer wish to have only one installation sis file. The right way to fullfill his need is to:

    1/ sign server + Rdll, and both clients first , so I'll have three signed sis files
    2/ make compound sis file with another uniquie UID, with all three sis files included + conf file and send it for signing once again? (So I need 4 UIDs)


    #{"My app Suit"},(0x2800005E),0,0,1

    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S60ProductID"}

    %{"My app suit"}
    : "My comp"


    ; client1
    @"..\Client1_gcce_urel.sisx", (0x2800004D)

    ; client2
    @"..\Client2_gcce_urel.sisx", (0x2800004F)

    ; server
    @"..\MyServer_gcce_urel.sisx", (0x2800004E)

    "server.conf" - "!:\system\data\server.conf"

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Signing compund sis file(with embedded sis files)

    why not put all of them in one sis itself... !
    But if you dont want to do that specifically, then what you have said is correct !
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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