I experience the following problem. I try to enumerate through the different camera resolutions on the N95. However it seems that there is a problem with the higher resolutions. I get camera resolution sizes of 0*0 pixels!

Here is the part of my code that reads out the different sizes:

sizes = new TSize[iInfo.iNumImageSizesSupported];
for (int i=0;i<iInfo.iNumImageSizesSupported;i++) {

In portrait mode I get the following 3 sizes:
0: 640*480
1: 1024*768
2: 0*0

In landscape mode i get the following 5 sizes:
0: 640*480
1: 1024*768
2: 0*0
3: 0*0
4: 0*0

Should I use another bitmap format or is there a firmware problem on the N95?
It works on all other devices I have my application tested with. (6630, 6680, N70, N80)

N95 (Firmware V10.0.018)